Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Reading Faces

Do you want to look in the mirror and be able to read what your face is REALLY telling you? Well, you can if you study Oriental Facial Diagnosis.

This kind of diagnosis allows you to observe and examine people's faces, or your own, to help you understand more about someone's personality, upbringing, ancestors, current state of health and functioning of their internal organs.

One interesting example of a person's appearnace and reading their internal state is sanpaku. Sanpaku is the abnormal expansion and contraction of the eyeballs. This word is Japanese and means "three whites," which illustrates that the eyeball is in an abnormally high or low position. Here is an example of lower sanpaku.

Lower sanpaku usually means that there is an abnormal expansion of the eyeballs, which shows that the whole physical and mental metabolism is becoming slower and weaker. This is usually because of the overconsumption of yin foods (such as milk and cream, nightshade vegetables, fruits, nuts, oils, spices, sugar, aromatic and stimulant beverages, alcohol, chemicals, and drugs/medications). There have been some instances of lower sanpaku being caused by overconsumption of extreme yang foods, such as salt.

For more information about Oriental Facial Diagnosis, check out the books Your Body Never Lies or How to See Your Health: Book of Oriental Diagnosis, both by Michio Kushi. You can easily find these books in the "Books I Love" sidebar section of my blog. Enjoy!

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