Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Vegan is Virtuous

We all know about the benefits of being vegan and eating all natural whole foods- increased vitality, better functioning of your internal organs, and feeling just plain AWESOME.

But did you think about how being vegan can support a virtuous lifestyle? According to Hideki Kawai, expert Natural Healing & Healthy Living Chef and Educator, being vegan can help you tame your sex drive. This makes it easier to be celibate- whether it's for spiritual or personal reasons, or if you are just waiting for the right person.

When we eat energetically strong foods like meat, eggs and fish, we intake not only the nutrients from those foods, but also the energy from those foods. Many fish, like salmon, have strong energy- salmon are powerful enough to swim upstream, against the current through rugged rivers to lay their eggs. If we do not have super active lifestyles to burn off this kind of energy (and increase in sexual desire), then we have excess that we need to get rid of. When these urges go unexpressed, they can lead to feelings of frustration and uncomfortably.

So, really, it's another reason to go vegan- at least until you decide to embark on a new career in manual labor or are in a healthy, committed relationship.

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