Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Love Food? Check Out This Blog!

I am very blessed to be living in the same neighborhood as Alison Barnett, this awesome kosher chef who is in cooking school mastering techniques in all things culinary. Not only do I get to read her exciting blog and get free recipes, like this one here: Black Bean, Sweet Potato, Quinoa Burgers (which I tasted recently and were amazing!) I also get to come over to her apartment and taste her delicious, flavorful and healthy dishes. This girl has been super inspiring for me ~ it's so nice to share good food and our passion for creating and devouring fantastic and interesting meals.

Btw, I am OBSESSED with her Marinated Mushrooms. I have had two different versions that she has made. I never knew I could love mushrooms so much! Test out this easy recipe - I bet you will be hooked.

Check her Blog and her Ali-Babka Fan Page on Facebook.

Happy reading :)

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