Monday, May 9, 2011

Need a Cell Phone? What's Your Credo?

I finally got myself a cell phone- my friends will be happy they can get in touch with me, and I am happy I made a smart choice with the kind of company I want to support.

The best thing about Credo is that they donate 1% of all charges to progressive nonprofits like Human Rights Watch, Democracy Now!, and the Rainforest Action Network. Since 1985 they have donated over $65 million to nonprofits like Doctors Without Borders and Planned Parenthood. They've done too much good for me to list, so instead, you can check it all out HERE.

Credo mobile also gives you the option to buy a completely refurbished phone (see picture above). This means that some of the parts of the phone are recycled and the phone is being reused, which keeps phones from going into landfills. I like my new phone and I like that I can make choices that help make the planet just a little bit greener.

Check out the list of nonprofits Credo supports:

Check the Credo website:

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