Monday, May 2, 2011

The Story Behind the Barcode

One great speaker I heard at Green Festival's Fair Trade Pavillion in San Francisco was Kilian Moote, from the Not For Sale Campaign. They partnered with the International Labor Rights Forum to create this awesome new iPhone/iPod app (I just downloaded) called Free2Work.

This app empowers consumers with information they need to know so they can make educated decisions about what companies and business practices they want to support with their money.

Is buying your favorite candy bar contributing to child slave labor? 
Is the underwear you are wearing right now made by people who are paid a living wage to support their families? 

Well, now you can find out about these things and more by downloading the app or even just checking out the website.

One really cool thing that Killian spoke about is that through creating Free2Work, their goal is not to point out everything wrong with a company, but rather to help companies put into place a system for addressing problems so that they can make improvements for workers and the environment. Through increasing company transparency, accountability and empowering workers, we can create safe, healthy and fair working conditions for people.

Check these websites:

Free2Work Website

Not for Sale Campaign Website

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