Monday, September 5, 2011

Truly Peaceful Candle Light

Many people light candles to help set a relaxing mood, to use in a diffuser, or to commemorate special holidays and events. If you are someone who uses candles in your home on a regular basis, it's a great idea to look into buying a non-toxic kind. Often times, the wax in candles can be made of paraffin, which when burned, can give off poisonous fumes which pollute the air and harm your lungs. Buying beeswax candles can be great because they are non-toxic, but can also prove to be expensive.

I was recently on a mission to find myself some affordable tea lights, since I use candles in my home on a weekly basis. Everywhere I looked I found cheap toxic candles, and not many alternatives. On a routine trip to Whole Foods, I stumbled upon a very affordable and totally toxin-free box of unscented tea lights at a great price. I was so happy after all that searching, I snatched up 3 boxes! Now I use my good-for-me-and-the-planet candles every week in peace- knowing that they are not harming me or my roommates or guests. I am so happy about my new find, I wanted to share it with everyone. So, if you are in the market for tea lights and want to create a healthy and happy home, try out these babies! If you really want to stock up on these because you use them often, you can get them for as low as $48.00 for a case of 400.

Feel good about the products you use in your home around your family. Have peace of mind that you are buying products that will only lead to bringing greater health and happiness to your loved ones. Even though a product like this is more expensive initially that what you might be used to using, you are investing in your family's well-being for the future.

Happy candle burning!

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