Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Cooking with Bambu For Peaceful Energy

Not only does using good quality kitchen utensils and cookware make cooking easier and more enjoyable, it is great for promoting strong, radiant health. One staple cooking tool that I like to use in the the kitchen is the bamboo spoon. It is made out of completely sustainable bamboo and is 100% natural. Using bamboo lends a more peaceful and gentle energetic quality to the food you cook, as opposed to the slightly stronger energy and lightly metallic taste that sometimes occurs from using metal cookware. The bamboo spoons I use in my kitchen are Bambu brand. They have a variety of shapes and sizes to accommodate various cooking methods. I like to use my bamboo spoons for making stir fries, dry roasting nuts and seeds and for serving salad.

Check out Bambu's products to help yourself build a more sustainable home and support your healthy cooking and lifestyle:


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