Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Thirsty Cold Weather Skin? Try this Regimen.

Is your winter skin in desperate need of a drink? As we age, it is easy for skin to look dry, wrinkled and flaky, especially in cold winter months. Trying to find heavy moisturizers that plump up our dry skin without leaving it too greasy and likely to breakout can be a hassle.

So here are some exciting all natural suggestions that should do the trick! These tips and products will help your skin look its best during the year's harshest season.

1. First, minimize eating baked flour products. Hard, crunchy foods like chips, crackers, cookies, cakes and breads are dried out from being surrounded by heat in an oven. The oven dries out the food (cooking it) so you can eat it. When you eat these foods, you are drying out your body- thus drying out your skin. Try to replace those baked snacks with water rich foods. Eat some leafy greens. Make warm vegetable soups or a nice, hot, steamy pot of oatmeal with cinnamon, nutmeg and dried fruit.

2. Next, get your hands on some all natural facial products and make yourself an ultra-moisturizing skin regimen. My favorite products right now are Power Repair Skin Toner followed by Vitamin C Solution (both by Super Salve Company), then Grateful Body Facial Moisturizer and last, a little bit of shea butter as eye cream. Once you apply makeup, spritz your face with Power Repair Face Mist by Super Salve Company. This will help set your makeup and give your extra moisture so your skin will look natural and supple, instead of powdery and dry. It also smells amazing.

3. Last - Exfoliate. Daily. Cell turnover happens fast, so help your skin out by sloughing off old, dead cells to let your skin breathe, detoxify and be more radiant. Lightly scrubbing your face with a warm washcloth not only feels great in cold weather, but it is actually good for you- and your skin!

Some information on Super Salve Products:
  • Skin Toner - Removes the last traces of cleanser residue and debris and prepares the skin for better absorption of moisturizers. Using the toner regularly is an important step to healthier skin and a beautiful complexion.
  • Vitamin C Solution - Delivers high potency antioxidants into the skin cells. It is helpful in reducing fine lines, wrinkles, under-eye puffiness, and enlarged pores. 
  • Power Repair Face Mist - A high potency mist that delivers vitamin C ester into the skin cells. It is helpful for hydrating and soothing skin while firming and repairing damage. It also contains MSM, which is great for skin!

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