Monday, July 23, 2012

Extra! Extra! Read All About Cooking for Summer.

For fun and fresh Summer cooking ideas, check out the latest issue of Bitayavon Magazine. This beautifully photographed magazine is all about delicious, kosher gourmet food. The pictures in this mag are so fantastic - be careful not to drool while flipping through its pages...

The Summer issue features articles and tips for Summer picnics, healthy smoothies, sizzling summer desserts, and out-of-the-box grilling ideas. It also features an article and three recipes on scrumptious summer salads and health tips throughout the magazine, all written by yours truly! I am so glad to have my article featured in this magazine and get my message of eating well and enjoying it to a larger audience.

The recipes I featured are perfect for cooling down, relaxing and energizing your body during the hot summer months. I also introduce "exotic" ingredients like ume plum vinegar and dried daikon radish, as well as one of my favorite salad recipes, Southwestern Salsa & Black Bean Salad with "Sour Cream" Dressing. Oh yeah.

To get your copy, check your local kosher supermarket, judaica store, some Shoprites or Barnes and Nobles. To order a copy online, go here:

For more info and kosher, gourmet inspirations, find Bitayavon Magazine on Facebook,

Also, stay tuned for the upcoming Fall Issue of Bitayavon... I will be writing more healthy tidbits, plus tips on how to have an easy fast - perfect for the upcoming High Holiday of Yom Kippur, this September 26, 2012. Looking forward to sharing more info with you soon!

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