Tuesday, August 7, 2012

How to Store Fruits and Vegetables

I just found this awesome article about 'How to Store Fruits and Vegetables to Keep Them From Rotting.' EXACTLY what I have been dealing with in my current job. Being responsible for feeding fruit and vegetables on a daily basis to over 700 campers and staff has been a pretty great learning experience. There are so many things I now need to consider that I never had to worry about when I only did private cooking.

Most recently, I have been ordering a large amount of fruits from our distributor so that we can prep snacks daily. We get cases of bananas, peaches, plums, oranges, grapes and pears - and they all need to be stored correctly, washed, and served, but only when they are just ripe. A day too early and no one will touch them, and a day too late and we will have brown and mushy over-ripe fruits.

What a challenge!

This blog posted lists of vegetables and fruits and exactly what to do with them. Worry no more - just consult the list.

Happy reading and fruit eating.


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