Wednesday, July 21, 2010

What is Sustainability?

Georgia Malki, CEO and President of Seven Star Events, the nations premier green events expert, speaks about what sustainability REALLY is and how your actions relate to your community in this short video clip.

I had the honor of working with Georgia in 2007 for greening a natural health conference, to move the natural health community towards not only taking care of their health, but also taking care of the health of our planet. She inspired me through her giving and generous nature, and her passion for sustainability and social responsibility, to continue to make conscious choices about how I live my life and how I can share the information I have learned with others, to contribute to a cleaner greener home for everyone.

Watch this short clip of Georgia Malki:
What is Sustainability? Interview with Georgia Malki

For more information on green event planning and to learn more about Seven Star Events, check out their website:

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