Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Nature Intended Underarm Freshness, All Day Long

I know it might seem silly to be excited about deodorant, but this one works so well and smells amazing- plus it's all natural and does not contain any aluminum!

Now that we know that much of what we put on our skin gets absorbed through our pores and goes directly into the bloodstream, it becomes more import to make healthy choices about body care products. Using chemical deodorant may not seem like a big deal, but people are exposed to small amounts of toxins on their skin 50 times a day or more - considering how often a person uses hand soaps, shampoos, conditioners, hair styling products, toothpaste, moisturizers, cosmetics, etc. Add that up with environmental toxins and a lifetime of exposure, and that's a lot of toxicity!

Taking small steps to lessen toxic chemical exposure can make you have a healthier, happier home, family and life. It can also be an opportunity to creatively find solutions, like making your own body care products and mindfully consuming less, which is good for you wallet and for the environment.

You can find Home Health Roll On Deodorant in Herbal Scent in natural food stores, or easily online. I ordered mine in bulk from This website is great because if you order in bulk, you get a better discount.

Home Health Deodorant

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