Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Change Your Thoughts From Me to We

Wow, this organization absolutely blows me away! I first heard about Me to We at Green Festival in 2004. I know, I know - you will hear me say that I heard about a lot of these kinds of things from Green Fest, but it's true- every time I go I learn totally amazing things and am inspired by incredible people.

So, I spoke with the people at their booth and ended up buying this book, written by two brothers, who have done amazing work and traveled all over the world to help improve people's lives. I got half way through the book, then packed it up and moved, so once I get it out of storage, I will finish it. What I read was inspiring and beautiful. If you consider yourself an activist or at least care about other people and how you can help change the world, then you should read this book.

Anyway, I want to talk about Me to We, a social enterprise with a mission. I am going to take this straight from the website, since they say it best:

"Me to We transforms consumers into world changers, one transaction at a time. Me to We sells socially conscious and environmentally friendly clothes, books and music – as well as life-changing experiences. We also provide inspiring speakers, leadership training and transformative travel experiences.

Me to We measures the bottom line, not by dollars earned, but by number of lives we change and the positive social and environmental impact we make. Half of Me to We's profit is donated to its charitable partner, Free The Children."

Free the Children helps to educate and empower children in North American and the UK and has "brought over 650 schools and school rooms to youth and provided clean water, health care and sanitation to one million people around the world, freeing children and their families from the cycle of poverty."

Also, the people who founded Me to We, Marc and Craig Kielburger, are excellent examples of people who see a real need in society, have a vision, work to build it and are successful financially AND in making the world a better place by changing people's lives. Seriously. Let these guys be an example to motivate you and help you accomplish your goals and dreams!!!

Check out their website, look into their books and get ready to be inspired. Then take that inspiration and do something amazing and good.


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