Monday, January 31, 2011

Can't Stop Thinking and Need Sleep? Try Foot Soak.

Having trouble sleeping because you think too much? Well, this used to be a common problem for me, until I tried this easy and relaxing foot soak. Soaking my feet for 20 minutes in the evening, right before I was about to go to sleep worked wonders!
  1. Use a bathtub or a small tub you can put your feet into
  2. Fill the tub with hot water, as hot as your feet can stand
  3. Add sea salt and/or lavender essential oil
  4. Sit down and let your feet soak in the tub while you relax with the wonderful aroma of lavender and read your favorite book or magazine
Putting your feet in hot water for a while helps to bring the energy in your head - doing all that thinking - down to your feet, so your mind will relax. It also helps to improve circulation and helps your feet feel warm and toasty in bed, so you can relax and feel comfortable. Using a relaxing essential oil also helps your mind and body unwind and get ready for resting. The sea salt helps to draw toxins out from your body through your skin. Try it out for a week and see what happens. This remedy really helped me sleep more deeply. Enjoy!

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