Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Silky Smooth Skin with Homemade Salt Scrub

Sea salt is awesome. It purifies, detoxifies, heals skin, washes away negative energy and adds good quality minerals to your body through the skin. It can also help you to feel more physically and emotionally cleansed in comparison to washing your body with a good ol' bar soap.

Using a great salt scrub once a week on my feet and body helps me to feel all of those wonderful things, especially when I have had a stressful week and am ready for some serious pampering and preening.

I like to make my own natural body care products when I can because it's fun, it's inexpensive and I know exactly what is in my salt scrub- no harmful chemicals, just all natural goodness! I also like to get creative with the scrubs by trying different essential oil combinations and using different dried herbs and things for color and added fun.

Homemade Salt Scrub
Fine sea salt 
Light vegetable oil (like sunflower, safflower or canola)
Essential oil (I like lavender and vanilla right now, but in the summer I like peppermint- it's cooling and tingly!)
Optional: dried herbs or plants for added color and interest 
Glass jar (I like to reuse a jar that I have from something in my kitchen, like a miso jar or an old salsa jar)

Put salt in a bowl and pour oil generously onto the salt. Mix the salt with the oil and add generous drops of essential oils. Mix together again until it smells great and is fully incorporated. Spoon the mixture into a jar. Seal tightly and it's ready to use. Enjoy your new silky smooth skin!

Note: Do the salt scrub a day or later after you have shaved, because your skin might be sensitive and become irritated from the salt. 

Another note: Do not use salt scrub on areas with sensitive skin. Salt scrub can be used on feet, hands, legs, arms, and back.


  1. Hello
    You know what good too for great amazing skin -
    1 egg (just the yolk)
    1 spoon of honey
    1 spoon of olive oil
    2 drop of lemon
    Mix it all together and put it on your lovely face. Stay with this face mask 20 minutes.
    Wash your face and you will feel the change. If you do that musk you better do it before you shower, nobody like the smell of egg!
    I f you interesting see more recipes for great skin -

  2. Wow, sounds great! Thanks for the tip.