Thursday, May 3, 2012

Clean THE LAND May 18, 2012

During my time in Israel, I remember thinking that people there needed to really step-up their game when it comes to basic environmental awareness. I constantly saw trash all over the place - throughout the streets in neighborhoods, on the side of the road, everywhere I looked.

I was raised in a neighborhood that was pretty conscientious about recycling, not littering and taking care of our environment. So going to what many people refer to as "the Holyland" and seeing it totally trashed was a pretty surprising sight!

I thought I was somewhat alone in my views about trash in Israel, but I am excited to say that I recently found the coolest group doing exactly what I had wanted to do, but did not have the time or resources while I was there.

This group is called Clean the Land.Clean the Land is a social, environmental initiative with two simple components: a coordinated, annual, nation-wide trash pickup day; and a mission to educate communities about recycling, sustainability and environmental protection. Ummm, YES  Pleeeeease!!

I cannot tell you how thrilled I was to hear about this group! Environmentalism does not just stop in your own home, or in your neighborhood, we need to spread the word about it to everyone - even in other countries. Not everyone grows up with environmental education and awareness like many Americans do, when they learn about these things in public schools. Many children do not know that they should not throw their candy wrappers on the ground outside...

Be a part of the solution. Help educate the people. Bring communities together.

This MAY 18, 2012 is the Nationwide Trash Pickup Day in Israel. If you live in Israel, get involved. If you know someone who lives in Israel, tell them.

Let the Clean the Land motto inspire you, "Love it. Live it. Clean it."

Check their website for more information and to get involved:

Find them on Facebook!

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