Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Hearty, Warming Meals With the Right Cookware

In the kitchen, cold weather means it's time for hearty, rich soups, stews and roasting. A great way to do this and help your body keep you warm is by using heavier cookware. It is definitely time to bust out the cast iron skillets, pressure cookers and ceramic coated cast iron pots.

A few years ago, I had the opportunity to cook with Le Creuset ceramic coated cast iron pots. It was heavenly. My food came out evenly and well cooked, and just plain delicious. The reason why is because the pots are heavier in weight than regular stainless steel, making food hearty and more strengthening. The pots also conduct and retain heat very well and are durable and efficient. I bought my mom one of these pots last year and she LOVES it. I recommend using these pots for making stews or overnight oats with dried apricot compote. Basically, I think these pots are best for making warm comfort foods.

Check out the collection of Le Creuset:

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