Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Paper Out of Poo

Mr. Ellie Pooh - with a name like that for a paper company, you've gotta be intrigued. Well, the name is pretty self explanatory. This company makes cute and functional paper from elephant poo. I first heard about this company years ago at Green Festival. Their concept is brilliant. Elephants in Sri Lanka were being killed by people, so the people who started Mr. Ellie Pooh decided to help the people of Sri Lanka see elephants as an asset instead of a threat. They started taking elephant dung and turning it into beautiful paper, made of 50% fiber from elephant dung and 50% post consumer paper. 

Mr. Ellie Pooh paper is handmade, acid free and all natural. It comes in various colors, sized, as memo books and pads, as greeting cards or stationary. I have a bunch of the cute heart shaped papers- perfect for writing small notes or for crafts.

The best thing about this paper is that every time you use it, you can feel good knowing that you are helping to save the elephants in Sri Lanka.

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