Monday, February 7, 2011

Bellapierre Mineral Eye Shadows, I'm Obsessed!!

Ok, I know I just wrote about Jane Iredale Eye shadows, but I newly found this awesome eye shadow during a random trip to the mall. You know those people standing at the kiosks in the mall that try to sell you things you don't really want or need? Well, that's actually how I stumbled upon this all natural mineral makeup and realized that these shadows are beautiful, all natural, versatile and affordable!

You can use them lightly to add a little color for a daytime look, layer on color for a more dramatic effect, or use a special eye liner brush- which they sell, dip it in water and mix the water with a shimmery eye shadow and use it as a liner for a more dramatic fun look (my favorite). They have a variety of colors to choose from  and you can experiment with different shades and  update your look. If you want a bunch of colors, they also sell stacks so you can get more variety.

Check out the website to find out more info. If you can buy them at a store the price is better, 3 for $30.

Bellapierre Eye Shadows

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