Monday, February 21, 2011

Clean Air Indoors, It's Easy!

I came across this easy tip for making the air you breathe in your home just a little bit greener and cleaner. Your lungs will be happy and healthy! Indoor house plants contribute to a "cheerful and relaxed environment," according to macrobiotic teacher and author, Michio Kushi. Check out the short article written by fellow healthy, vegan eco-blogger, Dahlia Klein. Also, check out her blog for great recipes: Veggies, Spice and Everything Rice

Green Tip of the Week: House Plants Help Clean Indoor Air

With this heavy winter upon us, perhaps many of you have not been as
mobile as when the weather has been warmer. I miss the trees and the
greenery that has been covered up by the white powdery stuff. However,
there is a way to bring the green into your home and it actually helps
to fight pollution indoors. They're reportedly able to scrub significant
amounts of harmful gases out of the air, such as, benzene, formaldehyde
and trichloroethylene which are absorbed through the everyday processes
of photosynthesis. Some pollutants are also absorbed and rendered
harmless in the soil.

The following is a list of "true" houseplants that have been
tested by NASA as plants that clean indoor air quality. The soil and
roots were also found to play an important role in removing air-borne

They are:

* English ivy * spider plant * golden pothos * peace lily
* Chinese evergreen

* bamboo or reed palm * snake plant * heartleaf philodendron

* selloum philodendron * elephant ear philodendron

* red-edged dracaena * cornstalk dracaena * Janet Craig dracaena

* Warneck dracaena * weeping fig

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